Your Reliable Insurance Partner.

At Circl Group, servicing insurance work is at the heart of what we do. We provide emergency response from damage to renewal.

From Damage to Renewal

In times of restoration and disaster management, we’ve got your back. Circl Group specialises in Insurance Building and Restoration services right across Australia. Our mission is to assist you in bringing your property back to the one you cherished. Rest easy knowing that Circl is by your side, dedicated to helping you recover and restore what matters most.

We have decades of experience

We have decades of experience working in the Insurance Industry and provide a comprehensive list of insurance-related services, including:

New Claims

Assessment and reporting of new claims.

Itemised Scopes

Detailed and itemised Scopes for Repair with pricing.

Specialist Reports

Specialist reports for roofing, plumbing, and electrical.


End to End management of the approved building repairs.

Restoration Response

24/7 emergency make safe & restoration Response.

Navigate insurance claims with confidence.

When it comes to navigating insurance claims, Circl stands as a trusted partner with years of experience in the insurance sector. 

Our deep understanding of the industry enables us to provide a comprehensive list of insurance-related services to our clients. 

From new claim assessments to detailed and itemized scopes for repair with transparent pricing, we ensure that your insurance journey is handled with utmost professionalism and expertise. With Circl by your side, you can have confidence in a smooth and efficient claims process.

Navigating Storms, Building Resilience.

In times of disaster, Circl Group is your unwavering partner in restoration and recovery.