We recognise the unique opportunity we have to influence upstream to clients and downstream to our supply chain, and the value we can create when our values are aligned.

To create sustained value we need to be a sustainable business.

Three key principles drive our approach towards our mission of inspiring our customers to build more.

  1. Exceeding expectations through simple and easy interactions.
  2. Creation of unique environment and culture others aspire to
  3. Having an unwavering commitment to quality


We want people to go home safe and healthy from our workplaces.  

We are on a continuous journey to enhance safety culture and standards across our business and the broader industry.  

We believe striving for safety not only protects our people but delivers better long-term performance from us and the projects we construct. 

We work with our clients during the planning phase to design and integrate safety controls that focus on minimising and eliminating risk from our sites. 


Exceeding our clients’ expectations depends on our ability to deliver consistent quality.


Our quality systems and processes are designed to ensure the highest standards and we invest heavily in driving them forward across our entire operation.


Over & above sound policies & procedures, we recognise that good judgement & flexibility are central to achieving our objectives in an ever-changing landscape.


As such we place an emphasis on having the right discipline and structure in place alongside our people and values to enable effective governance.


Our principle beliefs held in common by members of our organisation to maintain integrity & wellbeing.


Integrity: doing what’s right
Well-being: care, support and encourage
Team Work: working as one, growing together
Enjoyment: work hard, have fun
Innovation: striving for excellence


Our relationship with our supply chain is one of the things that makes Circl Group unique.

We don’t just focus on good client relationships, we focus on productive, profitable subcontractor relationships as well, because we know that if we can help our subcontractors succeed, then we succeed.

This focus both up and down the stream is an important part of our offering and sets us apart from many other companies.