Electrification of Buildings

Consider us your experts in Electrification of Buildings

Electrification of Buildings

In the near future, proprietors and managers of existing residential buildings face challenges and exciting opportunities as they work to compete with other Zero Carbon Buildings that may offer superior returns on investment or lifestyle enhancements. The Victorian State Government’s commitment to phasing out gas an objective to phase out gas. And any infrastructure supporting gas will need to be swapped with Electrical infrastructure moving forward.  Circl Group realises that there are key points to to be addressed when considering an upgrade, or the alteration of electrical loads such as Electric Vehicles Chargers (EV), heat pump installations etc.

Site Assessment

A comprehensive understanding of the electrical infrastructure is important before implementing successful upgrades or alterations. Adopting the Circl Group holistic approach is fundamental to the design of electrical power systems. Calculations and simulations are meticulously performed to assess the existing infrastructure’s capacity to withstand anticipated stresses from additional loads and to safeguard against failures.

Electrical Infrastructure

The heart of a Zero Carbon Retrofit lies in critical components like Incoming Capacity, Main Switchboard, and Backbone Cabling, where significant investments are made. Circl Group distinguishes itself by ensuring a forward-thinking solution, leveraging a profound understanding and extensive experience in delivering such works.

Electric Vehicle Charging (EV)

Electric vehicles are a cornerstone of today’s transportation and a driving force behind the Zero Carbon Retrofit movement. Circl Group delivers EV charging solutions as an independent, trusted partner, ensuring the installation of the best long-term solution for the site.

Safety and Risk

Safety considerations often take a backseat when evaluating options. Circl Group prioritises the safety of the general public and the electricians performing the work. Mitigating risks associated with failed delivery, compliance issues, shutdowns/power-ups, and financial impacts is a core strength, supported by a proven track record in infrastructure upgrades, medium-large projects, EV charging, and Mining Emergency Refuge Systems.

Creating Landmarks, Celebrating Partnerships

At Circl Group, every project is a collaborative journey, marking milestones in our shared success story.

Working with Strata Buildings

Circl Group tackles the challenges specific to Strata Buildings, including navigating key stakeholder dynamics, optimising load management, and addressing complex billing systems. To address these challenges effectively, Circl Group collaborates closely with independent industry partners. This collaborative effort aims to educate stakeholders, provide strategic advice, and implement practical Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions tailored to the unique needs of Strata Buildings.

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