Bridging the Gap: Empowering Women in the Insurance Construction Industry

It is important that women are involved in the dynamic industry of insurance, including insurance construction, in order to ensure its integrity.

However, despite the importance of women in our industry, there remains a noticeable need for more female representation. According to statistics, only 13.3% of women work in the insurance construction sector.

The insurance construction sector has the potential to create more opportunities for women. Women are naturally adept at building relationships, communicating effectively, and paying meticulous attention to detail – qualities that are invaluable in roles right across the insurance construction sector.

It is interesting to note that the primary point of contact during insurance repair engagements often occurs with the female occupants of the household. Increasing the number of women in the construction insurance sector could help homeowners feel more comfortable welcoming unfamiliar tradespeople into their homes. Typically, insurance panels determine assignments for insurance-related works, so customers cannot pick specific professionals.

Empowering women in the insurance construction industry requires a concerted effort to break down barriers and promote inclusivity. We are passionate about this at Circl Group. Circl Group currently has 29.27% female employment, and our goal is to reach 50% by 2027. By providing flexible work arrangements, mentorship programs, and opportunities for professional development, we will be able to attract and retain talented women in the industry. This strategy has been a large part of our growth and success, resulting in recognition as Australia’s second fastest growing start-up on the AFR Fast Starters list (2023).

At Circl Group, a culture of diversity and inclusion is essential for creating an environment where women feel valued and empowered to excel. We challenge our insurance partners to do the same. By leveraging women’s unique strengths, the insurance construction industry can drive innovation, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve sustainable growth.

As the insurance construction landscape continues to evolve, it’s time to bridge the gap and empower women to thrive in our industry, other non-traditional female industries, and workplaces across the board.

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Aaron Aitken

Managing Director | Chair

Aaron is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of building successful scale-ups. He is a passionate, energised thinker who thrives on the building of companies, connecting the dots and in making the impossible, possible. His primary focus is translating vision and ambition into strategy, tactical planning and execution. At Circl he is responsible for steering the operational excellence of the management team.

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