Bridging the Skills Gap: Paving the Way for the Future at Circl Group

In the dynamic landscape of the building and services industry, a silent challenge is quietly emerging – the skills gap. As seasoned professionals retire, a noticeable void is left in their wake. The stark reality? There are fewer trainees and apprentices prepared to step into these roles, creating a significant barrier to maintaining quality, efficiency, and innovation in our industry.

At Circl Group, we don’t just see this as a challenge; we view it as an opportunity to reshape the future of our sector. How do we plan to tackle this issue? Through our robust apprenticeship programs.

Apprenticeships are more than just training programs; they are a crucial bridge connecting the wisdom of experienced tradespeople with the fresh energy and perspective of new entrants. By integrating apprentices into our workforce, we’re not only filling the immediate skills gap but also investing in the long-term sustainability and growth of our industry.

Our apprenticeship program at Circl Group is not solely about teaching trade skills. It’s a holistic approach to professional development. We blend technical training with soft skills, such as project management, customer service, and innovation. This dual focus ensures our apprentices are not only skilled technicians but well-rounded professionals, ready to lead and innovate.

Each apprentice in our program is seen as a future leader. That’s why our initiative includes mentorship from seasoned professionals, providing apprentices with guidance, insights, and the benefit of experience. This mentorship extends beyond technical skills, encompassing leadership, problem-solving, and adaptability.

Innovation at Circl Group isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a core part of our apprenticeship training. Apprentices are exposed to the latest technologies and methodologies, ensuring they’re not only equipped for today’s challenges but prepared for tomorrow’s advancements.

Our approach to apprenticeships is deeply collaborative. We work with industry bodies, educational institutions, and technology partners to ensure our programs are cutting-edge, relevant, and holistic. This collaboration ensures our apprentices are learning not just from us but from a diverse spectrum of experts.

The impact of our apprenticeship program extends beyond individual apprentices. It revitalizes the entire ecosystem of the building and services industry. By nurturing skilled, innovative, and well-rounded professionals, we’re contributing to higher standards, better service, and more sustainable practices across the industry.

At Circl Group, we’re not just bridging the skills gap; we’re building a bridge to the future of our industry.

We’re cultivating a new generation of professionals who are skilled, innovative, and ready to lead.

Join us on this journey as we shape a better, more capable, and innovative future, together. 

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Aaron Aitken

Chief Operating Officer | Chair

Aaron is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of building successful scale-ups. He is a passionate, energised thinker who thrives on the building of companies, connecting the dots and in making the impossible, possible. His primary focus is translating vision and ambition into strategy, tactical planning and execution. At Circl he is responsible for steering the operational excellence of the management team.

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